Dr. Seuss Basket

20 Apr

Yesterday I went to see J’s teacher about the basket their class is doing for the Silent Auction.  J’s class is doing a Dr. Seuss basket and I wanted to find out what she needed.  Yes, I am a little late in the game, but the paper said they were accepting until the 25th.  That’s 5 days, and for those of us who procrastinate.. that’s LOTS of time! LOL!  And since I’m pretty crafty, I wanted to find out what kind of unique things she might want for the basket.  This is her first year teaching, and she has been so wonderful!!

Well, had so much fun doing the accordion scrapbooks the other night, I thought that I would make up a Dr. Seuss one… and I LOVE IT!!  Almost didn’t want to give it away! 🙂



Next I am working on a plaque that has the saying, “The more you read, the more that you know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  I wanted to do it in vinyl, but didn’t have all the colors, and Walmart has not had anything in stock lately!  I am so glad it carries it though, because we live a pretty good ways from another store (about 30 minutes) that would carry it.  Soooo… decided to use paper instead since I have LOTS of that. Want to know what I found out??  Transfer paper works for paper also!  I cut the sayings out of paper, used the transfer paper to lift it off the mat, then laid it upside down in a box and sprayed it with spray adhesive.  Then put it on the large piece of cardstock I’m using as the background!  Worked great!! Once I finish this up and get a frame (from Goodwill or Dollar Tree, of course!), I’ll post pics of it!  It’s looking good so far, hope it finishes well too! Beth


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