What I do when I can’t sleep

17 Apr


So I had a pretty rough day yesterday thanks to a nosy neighbor who has decided it is her job to gossip about me to every other family on the block.  It has boiled down to one of the mom’s (who is still a “friend” on Facebook) deciding that instead of just saying no, the kids can’t play, to say yes, then ignore the fact that a 4 year old is sitting on your doorstep waiting for his friend to come out, or sitting at home for 2 hours waiting for his friend to call and say he can play now.

Needless to say, I was up stewing, praying, trying to figure out how to give glory to God in this wilderness and struggling to lean on Him for guidance and support through this.  So, to get my mind off my problems, I craft!  I decided it was finally time to do some of the crafts I had pinned on Pinterest!  I had loved the Accordion Scrapbook from Infarrantly Creative for a while and wanted to try it.  I had everything except the foam core board… so while going through the closet looking for something sturdy to use in it’s place, I was delighted to find that I DID have foam core board!!

I ended up making 2 of them, one is the accordion style fold like Beckie did, and the other I just did a regular back/forth accordion fold.  These will be great for an upcoming wedding and father’s day!!  This would also be good for the end of the year Teacher’s gift filled with pics from the year!

Thanks for reading!!



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